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Snow Miku 2015 by pristinepanda
Snow Miku 2015
I started this a while ago as a gift to a friend who's secret santa failed her ^^;; Oh well better late then never! I love playing with the effect brushes in clip paint studio.
Valentine's 2015 by pristinepanda
Valentine's 2015
Holy crap I'm submitting a real actual finished picture?? AND ON TIME FOR THE HOLIDAY?? This has to be some new record for me!
I just got a Wacom Cintiq HD in the mail so ~hopefully~ we can expect more stuff from me.
I had the urge to draw Chibi Usa for some reason, so I chose her for my Valentine's Day drawing! I wanted to go with a more messy type of coloring, but it didn't come out quite how I wanted, but that's alright. Hope you have a wonderful day :D
I've updated my commission information. Please read through everything as some things may have changed!

If you would like to commission me please feel free to note me here on deviantArt, send me a direct message on Twitter, or send me an e-mail! I cannot accept a commission that is not descriptive. Show me pictures or be as descriptive as possible when telling me what you want. I have the right to decline a commission for any reason. You may use your commission for anything you would like, in turn I am able to show it to others in print form.

All commissions have a 5 dollar non-refundable deposit (except for ACEOs & Buttons) that must be paid before I will start a sketch. After the sketch is completed I will show it you and we can work out anything you do not like. Once it is ready to be inked and colored the rest of the payment is due. I will not finish the illustration until you have paid for it in full. Please make sure you understand this before commissioning me.

What I Do Not Draw
I do not draw animals, furries, or mecha. Please do not commission me for any of these. They are out of my abilities and I will have to respectfully decline your request.

Pricing & Payment
All commissions have a 5 dollar non-refundabe deposit that must be paid before I will start sketching.
All prices are in USD
Shipping is included in the base price for US and Canada. Please ask for international shipping.
I only accept PayPal

Full Body Character – $30
*This includes one character on white paper, fully colored.
*These are colored in copic marker.
*Each additional character is $10 extra. (LIMIT TWO (2) CHARACTERS PER IMAGE)
*Pictures cut out and put on scrapbook paper are $2 extra.
**I do not draw or paint backgrounds**

Spiral Heart... by pristinepanda The Diffident Princess by pristinepanda Sailor Moon 2013 by pristinepanda

Examples of cut out pictures
Unlikely Encounter by pristinepanda Cosmic Power by pristinepanda For Heather by pristinepanda
Bust - $15
*I am taking bust commissions, but since I generally don't draw them I don't have any examples. These will be in copic marker.

Lineart - $15
*Same as full body, but not colored.

ACEO - $10
*Consists of one (1) card. Will offer a discount if you commission three (3) or more at the same time. Done in copic marker.

ACEO Examples
Youmacon2012Friends by pristinepanda

Buttons - $5
*Consists of one (1) face drawing on a wooden circle. I will super glue a pin to the back of it. Fully colored in copic marker. Please note that since these are done on a wooden circle lighter colors will appear dark. Will offer discounts if you commission three (3) or more at the same time.

Button Examples
Mercury Pin by pristinepanda

I think that is about it. Again, if you are unsure of something, please drop me a note so I can look it over! Browsing my gallery you will notice I do have collabs, I only do these with people I know, so please do not ask unless I frequently talk to you. Thanks again for viewing!

Working On List

Originals For Sale
I am also selling originals. They are all $20. If you're interested in purchasing an original please note me, e-mail me, catch me on twitter, etc... Once an original is gone, it is gone forever. I may in the future do prints.
Vanellope Von Schweetz by pristinepanda Spiral Heart... by pristinepanda Sailor Moon 2013 by pristinepanda Trainer Topaz Wants To Battle! by pristinepanda The Diffident Princess by pristinepanda Anything For Her Man by pristinepanda Concept Sailor Moon by pristinepanda Happy Halloween 2011 by pristinepanda The New Generation II by pristinepanda Concept Sailor V by pristinepanda Concept Sailor Mars by pristinepanda Make A Contract With Me by pristinepanda Destruction by pristinepanda Codename Sailor V by pristinepanda The New Generation by pristinepanda *
* This one is super old, but it seemed to be pretty popular. I do have to locate this picture because I'm not sure where I placed it. So if you buy this please give me time to find it.
lol I'm not sure if this needs a mature filter or not I guess DA will let me know :P I posted that as a facebook status earlier and the conversation turned into Anna being samuel l jackson and thus this was born. I haven't posted art here in a long time. I am mostly on twitter and instagram. I've definitely neglected DA, but its easier to reach people on other platforms ^^; This is my day 10 inktober picture ^^

2013 Is A New Year

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 30, 2012, 3:24 PM

After doing the 2012 summary meme: I noticed there's some things I REALLY need to work on. So here's a little list of things I'd like to work on in 2013.

:bulletblue: less blondes
-- Holy crap do I have a lot of pics of blondes from 2012. I mostly want to stay away from blondes because buying copic refills is getting a little expensive. In the long run the ink refills do pay for themselves since they refill the marker many times, but I pretty much have to buy refills for all of my yellow markers XD
:bulletblue: MOAR MEN
-- I think I only drew 2 men in 2012. I really suck at males, so I'd really like to work on them next year.
:bulletblue: scenes with multiple characters/romantic scenes
-- I'm not really good with having characters interact with each other in a picture and make it look natural.
:bulletblue: lineart
-- If you follow me on twitter you know I have a notoriously hard time with lineart. It's like my brain, hands, and pen just don't work together as well as with a pencil. It really discourages me because I try SO hard to have nice linework and it always looks horrible to me! Generally coloring fixes everything I hated about the linework, but I want to be happy with my picture from start to finish. I've almost stopped working on pictures before because of the linework. Sometimes I just don't feel like doing it because I know I'm going to screw it up! So, I'd like to work on this some more.
:bulletblue: experiment with color
-- I'd like my colorings to be more colorful! Copics allow for amazing results when used correctly and I'm usually to scared to sway away from colors that are similar to the base color. I want to go all out!
:bulletblue: more OCs
-- I've neglected OCs this year :/ I'm sorry guys, I'll get back to you soon I promise!

I'm sure there were other things, but they escape my brain right now!

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